Registration Questions:


How do we register for Mount2000?

We ask each group to register in our Online Registration System. Once the Group Leader has finished entering their Group Information, they will be asked to enter the name and email of the people they plan on bringing to Mount2000. For a detailed explanation on how to register click here. When the form is returned to Mount2000, a non-refundable deposit for the full amount of $85 for each of those attending is required. This should be sent in the form of one check for $85 x Total Number of attendees. Registration begins November 19, 2016 and closes December 20, 2016, during which time you will be able to drop and add people to your group as needed.

Each Participant will have until December 20, 2016 to complete the online registration. Print and sign the liability waivers by January 19, 2017. Submit the remaining paperwork, including verification of certification for the Charter for the Protection of Young People for all those attending over 18 years or older and compliance paperwork by February 3, 2017. Please see our Important Dates document in the Documents section.

If a Group Leader initially specified that 20 spots be reserved, but only 14 participants are registered, that group will have forfeited those six spots. Those unused spots will be given to another group that has been wait-listed. Due to youth compliance policies, we cannot accept on-site, day-of-retreat registrations. In effect, Mount2000 registration will close on December 20, 2016.

Additional questions may be sent via email link under the “Contact Us” tab.

Who can serve as Chaperones?

According to the policy of Mount St. Mary’s University, chaperones must be adults 21 years old or older who have successfully completed youth protection training. The particular requirements for the youth protection certification are laid out by the participating group’s home diocese (e.g., chaperones for a parish group from Arlington must follow the certification requirements of the Diocese of Arlington).

I am an 18 year or older student , do I need certification of Youth Protection Compliance?

Yes. The child and youth protection policy of Mount St. Mary’s University requires that all persons over the age of 18 and unaffiliated with the University (as either a student or employee) must provide the same documentation regarding child and youth protection from your home diocese as any other adult chaperone or youth minister.

What is Mount2000’s refund policy?
Participants who cancel their registration before January 15th will receive a full refund; after this date, money will not be refunded. However, if a situation commonly referred to as an “act of God” were to occur (e.g., snowfall, illness, death in the family, etc.) that resulted in participants missing the retreat, Mount2000 will refund 60% of the registration fee.

My group is staying in off site housing, do I need proof of Youth Compliance?

Yes. All chaperones/group leaders need to be in compliance and provide Mount2000 with documentation stating such as outlined in the previous question and response.

How many chaperones do I need?

Our policy for Mount2000 requires a 1:8 ratio of chaperone to youth participants, per gender. Thus, one male chaperone is required for each eight under-18 male youths, and one female chaperone is required for each eight under-18 female youths. These gender-based ratios are necessary since males and females sleep in separate buildings.

For example: if a group brings 9 girls and 15 boys to Mount2000, two female chaperones are required, as well as two male chaperones. All 24 youths, and all 4 chaperones are required to be registered and pay the registration fee.

What happens to our registration if someone is unable to attend?

We do appreciate the fact that illness and unforeseen events do occur. However, we are unable to accept last-minute, on-site registrations the weekend of the retreat. Any changes to your roster of attendees must be made well in advance of the weekend retreat so that the registration and liability forms are on file with Mount2000 and have been verified by Mount2000 before you come. Last-minute or other cancellations will not have their registration fee refunded. Any cancellation made after January 15, 2017 will not be refunded.


General Retreat Questions:

What is the cost to attend?
The registration fee is $85. This fee covers the cost of food, programs, housing, and attendee materials (e.g., t-shirt). There is no reduction in the fee for attendees staying off-campus.

Do chaperones have to pay to attend?

Chaperones and adult leaders must also pay the $85 registration fee that includes all meals, housing, and registration materials (e.g., t-shirt).

What are the retreat dates?

Mount2000 2017 begins on Friday night and lasts through Mass at noontime on Sunday. The 2017 retreat takes place February 17-19, 2017.

When does the check-in begin?

Check-in begins at the ARCC/PNC Sports Complex at 3:00 PM on Friday, February 17th, 2017 and lasts until 6:00 PM.

What meals will be provided?

Mount2000 will include dinner on Friday, all three meals on Saturday, and then breakfast and a snack on Sunday.

What are the sleeping arrangements for the retreat?

Attendees will be sleeping in large gymnasiums and should bring sleeping bags, pillows, and pads. Boys and girls will be housed in separate buildings. Shower facilities are provided.

When does the retreat end?

The retreat will conclude after the completion of Mass early in the afternoon on Sunday.

What is the cost for religious who are attending with a group?

Religious who are attending do not pay anything. In addition, we will help arrange housing for religious. Due to child protection policies, religious cannot sleep with their groups and thus cannot be included in the chaperone count.