If you have attended Mount2000 in previous years, the same exact information will be required again this year.  What differs for 2018 is the mode in which such information is submitted.  Everything is now online, which will provide a simpler, more convenient means of registering.   

Below provides some specific explanations of how Mount2000 online registration will be different for 2018.  

All aspects of registration will not only be exclusivley online...

but together as one online registration. 

In years past, only the basic information (i.e. name, contact and medical information, etc.) was submitted online.  It was after providing this information that groups would then send required liability forms and payments separately, either through email or snail mail.  This is not the case for 2018, because everything required for Mount2000 is done through one online registration.

Note that this excludes Youth Compliance.  While Youth Compliance is separate from the online registration, even that will be submitted online in 2018.  (go to our youth protection page of the website to learn more).

credit/debit card is now the only acceptable form of payment. 

Since both liability forms and payment are now online as part and parcel with the basic information, both liability forms (signed electronically) and payment are required to complete registration. 

In other words, you will now have to pay via credit or debit card when you register.  This means that we do not accept group payments nor do we accept checks.   Please keep this in mind when preparing for Mount2000.


there are NOW 3 tiers of pricing for mount2000

Last year in 2017, the cost for Mount2000 was $85.  For 2018, this will be the same until Janaury 12th, 2018. The price increases to $95 if you register after January 12, 2018.  Please note that because all payments are online this year, an additional $2-3 online card fee may potentially be added to the payment.

However, we will offer a $10 discount to those who register online in a timely manner.  This will change the price (for the period of time allotted) to $75.