Below are some important deadlines for Mount2000 Registration

  • Tuesday October 23, 2018 at Noon 

    • The application and the online registration is open. Once the group leader submits the application, they will receive a password that they can share with their group to register online.

  • Friday November 30th 2018

    • This is the deadline to register with a $5 dicscount. If you register before November 30th, you pay $5 less than the normal fee!

  • Friday, January 11th, 2019

    • This date has two important components:

      • This date is the deadline to receive a reimbursement for your cancellation. In other words, if you decide not to attend Mount2000 and submit the cancellation form before this date, we will give you a refund.

      • Any registrations after January 11th are subject to a $10 late fee (this compensates for food and other expenses that derive from a late registration).