Mount St. Mary's University and Seminary comitt to providing a safe envirornment for all who visit.  We fulfill this comittment by requiring (1) all retreat participants 18 years of age or older and (2) all chaperones to be in compliance with their own respective diocese‚Äôs policy for youth protection.  This is because the Seminary and University merely host Mount2000.   

Mount St. Mary's University asks every group to submit the Mount2000 Youth Compliance form (shown below).  This form requires your diocesan approved parish/organization compliance coordinator to certify those required to have youth protection. Failure to submit this form and comply with your diocesan requirements for youth protection can disqualify you (and possibly your entire group) from attending Mount2000.

For questions or concerns, please go to the 'contact youth compliance' tab listed under our Youth Protection Page.   To access the actual form, click on the tab ''Mount2000's Compliance Form'.  Below is a copy of the youth protection certification instructions and form for your reference.